Three little kittens

I have wonderful news to share! 
Slowly, but surely, we're seeing proactivity to save our wildlife in southern Sumatra. Meet 'Leon' – a leopard cat (Prionailurus Bengalensis.) He was rescued by a villager who found him with two other siblings on patch of cleared land yesterday. In total I got three kittens (Leon, Leonita, and Tiger) and they're in my care here, supported by lot of people
The villager was taken aback when he found three kittens which looked like leopards crawling on the open land. He took them all and brought them to us. He knew these cats from a TV show, which explained they were under legal protection, and he called some of his colleagues involved with wildlife conservation.

I'm glad more people are protecting biodiversity in their own way, although oftentimes they take the wrong path. We must provide education, and let people know what work we do, so that villagers will re-release endangered species back into the wild – and not into the black market for extra cash.

Thanks to the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Agency of South Sumatra and Agroforestry Management Agency of Lakitan, who took part in monitoring these leopard cats 

Update: the local newspaper reported on this story, and I got noticed in town!

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