‘Tommy’ the Slow Loris

We had an absolute blast today!

A wild slow loris (Nycticebus Coucang) was rescued and released back into the wild. We named him 'Tommy'. We'd received information yesterday from a student that a slow loris had appeared in the village earlier. We tried to look for him, but found nothing.

Suddenly,  a young man called to me, and said he'd found a slow loris on his house in the early morning. I asked him: "What did you do with the slow loris?" He gave me a bag and he told me that the slow loris is safe; he was inside the bag.

"Please, release him back into the wild, don't let him get more stressed" the young man said. Our conversation attracted the attention of some other villagers. A student among them excitedly informed us that kukang – a.k.a. slow loris – are protected by law and it's illegal to sell them as a pet.

I was so happy when I heard that. Our education programme can truly change the mindset of villagers, and had these two individuals not understood environmental education, this slow loris may have been sold to traffickers. We hope the indigenous peoples will preserve their wonderful biodiversity by their own hands. And sooner, rather than too late 



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