About Pungky

Hello! I’m Pungky Nanda Pratama, and welcome to The Jungle Library Project’s website.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Aquaculture from Diponegoro University in Semarang, Indonesia.

It’s been 4 years now that I am involved with conservation efforts in Indonesia. During my time I have been able to conduct research for many different projects, such as documenting frogs in the rainforest in Kalimantan, which is my favourite occupation and passion. During my student days I was involved with a sea turtle conservation project in Malang, a mangrove conservation project, and endangered animal protection. After graduating, I worked with The Centre for Orangutan Protection in early 2015 in East Borneo, and most recently I worked with local NGO Animals Indonesia as an Education Coordinator based in the village of Karang Panggung, in the province of South Sumatra. We built a rehabilitation centre where we accepted and re-released protected species seized on the black market.

Please click here to see an article published by Mongabay in January 2017, about what our achievements with Animals Indonesia.

My current focus now still is in raising awareness through an education program to children living in biodiversity hotspots in South Sumatra. I believe that education is key as a medium to change the mindset of the old generation, many of whom are involved in illegal logging, illegal agriculture and the illegal pet trade in this area. I believe that local people  are forced by economic reasons into such destructive activities, and it is them who will suffer the consequences first-hand.

Besides environmental education and wildlife photographer, I have recently begun a project I call the Flora Conservation Act. Unfortunately, plants cannot run away from fires and logging due to unsustainable agriculture practices. With funding from the Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Agency of South Sumatra, I began this pilot rescue project to gather at-risk flora—such as orchids—and transport them to a purpose-built nursery. Our plan is to return the plants to the wild and hope this will prevent local extinctions.

Please click here to see an article published by Mongabay in December 2017, about the Flora Conservation Act.

My work is enthusiastically supported by the Biodiversity and Nature Agency of South Sumatra. Please click here to see one of many stories I have written for the Ministry of Forestry and Environment of Indonesia.

Please click here to see another (in Bahasa Indonesia).

So many things have changed since we began raising awareness about biodiversity protection and the preservation of the natural world. Slowly but surely we are seeing results that the young generation have begun to realise how important nature is for their quality of life.

It makes me very proud to also have been selected as an ambassador by WildArk Conservation Australia. Please click here to read an interview I did with WildArk.

I hope you can join in combating these problems together. I hope that you can learn more about the importance of healthy eco-systems, and share the knowledge with others.

The Sumatran jungle really needs your help!

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